1. ISHIKAWA Mao : Bad Ass and Beauty - One Love

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ISHIKAWA Mao : Bad Ass and Beauty - One Love

2021.03.05(Fri) ~ 2021.06.06(Sun)

ISHIKAWA Mao : Bad Ass and Beauty - One Love
 ISHIKAWA Mao (1953-), a photographer who has been widely introduced abroad and still continues to actively take photographs. Her photogrphs capture the power of people's lives themselves, questioning how they should live as individuals, despite the contradictions and conflicts that come with being trapped in their positions.
 This exhibition introduces the early and latest works, mainly vintage prints from the artist's collection at the time of their release. A total of about 500 works are presented, selected from each series.

*There will be a change of exhibition during the exhibition period.
 First half : March 5 (Fri.) - April 25 (Sun.)
 Second half : April 27 (Tue) - June 6 (Sun)
(However, the series  The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll will be changed five times during the exhibition period.)

* Each part of The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll are exhibited during the 
 period indicated below:
 The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll Part1 : March 5-22
 The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll Part2 : March 23-April 4
 The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll Part3 : April 6-25
 The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll Part4 : April 27-May 9
 The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll Part5 : May 11-23
 The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll Part6 : May 25- June 6
 The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll Part7 : March 5-June 6

Series List

Akabanaa (Red Flower) 
Kin Town, Koza City (present: Okinawa City), Okinawa Prefecture, 1975-1977

Uchinaa Shibai (Okinawan Play): A Story of Sachiko Nakada's Theater Company
Okinawa Prefecture, 1977-1991

Uchinaa Shibai (Okinawan Play): Great Actors
Okinawa Prefecture, 1989-1992

A Port Town Elegy
Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, 1983-1986

Life in Philly 
Philadelphia, USA, July - September, 1986

Philippine Dancers
Kin Town, Okinawa Pref., and the Philippines, 1988

Ikusayu (Wartime): the 47th Summer in Okinawa
Okinawa Pref., Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan(ROC), and Republic of Korea, 1991-1993

Okinawa and the Japan Self-Defense Forces
Japan: Okinawa Pref., Oita Pref., Hiroshima Pref., Nagasaki Pref., and Cambodia, 1991-1995, 2003-

Fences, Okinawa
Okinawa Pref., Vietnam, the Philippines, and USA, 1989-

Here's What the Japanese Flag Means to Me
Japan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan (ROC), UK, and France, 1993-2011

The City Which Shaken by Construction of a Heliport
Okinawa Prefecture. November, 1996-

My Family
Okinawa Prefecture, 2001-2005

Fences, Fuck You!!
Henoko Beach, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, 2010-2012

Morika's Dreams
Okinawa Prefecture, 2012-2013

The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll
Okinawa Prefecture, 2014-


Born in Ogimi Village, Okinawa Prefecture, 1953. In 1974, studied photography at the TOMATSU Shomei class at WORKSHOP Photography School. Ishikawa based in Okinawa who continues to produce work that is closely related to the people of Okinawa. In 2011, received the Sagamihara Photo Award for FENCE, OKINAWA. Her photographs are in the collections of museums in Japan and abroad, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA). In 2019, won the Photographic Society of Japan Award for Lifetime Achievement Award.


Dates 2021.03.05 ~ 2021.06.06
Location Exhibition Gallery 1,Exhibition Gallery 2
Entrance fees Adult 1,200yen (960yen) / High, College & University 800yen (640yen) / Under Junior high Free / Free Pass 2,400yen
*Prices shown in ( ) indicate advanced and group (more than 20 persons) discount tickets.
*50% discount for persons with disabilities (with presentation of the physical disability certificate) and one caretaker.
*The Free Pass allows you enter as many times as you like during the exhibition.
Hours 9:00-18:00 (Open until 20:00 on Friday and Saturday)
*Last entry 30 minutes before closing.
Closed Every Monday (* If the Monday is a national holiday, museum is open), Maintenance closed (March 1 to 4).

Main pieces in the exhibition

石川真生写真集『赤花 アカバナー 沖縄の女』(2017)より

石川真生写真集『赤花 アカバナー 沖縄の女』(2017)より

©Mao Ishikawa

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