1. Hands-On Room "Fureai" Workshop


Hands-On Room "Fureai" Workshop

Hands-On Room "Fureai" Workshop

Summer Break Fun!「Make a seashell spinning top!」

In this workshop, we will be making a spinning top using the shell of the Strawberry Conch—called tirajya in Okinawa.  Let’s try making a handmade toy that incorporates the wisdom gained from previous generations! In the days when your Grandmother and Grandfather were children... if children found a shell while playing on the beach, they would hit them open with rocks and make them into a spinning top toy. 

This hands-on workshop experience corresponds with the Hands-On Room's
 "The Okinawan Ino (Lagoon): The Ocean's Pantry" Experience Kit. Let's learn more about what kinds of shells you might find in Okinawa's amazing ino (ocean lagoon surrounded by coral reef) ecosystem.

The strawberry conch is a delicious shellfish that can be enjoyed stir-fried in butter and soy sauce, boiled in salted water, or eaten as sashimi.

In this workshop, using a variety of tools, you can will have the opportunity to make your own top from a strawberry conch shell. Adults and children alike are invited to join in on the nostalgic fun of making your own handmade toy!


Workshop Schedule

Saturday, August 3rd and 24th 2024
Workshop time: 14:00~15:00


Museum's Entrance Hall (in front of the Hands-On "Fureai" Room)


500 yen per person (cash only)


5 years old ~ Adult
(Maximum of 9 participants per workshop)

Important Notes:

  • We will be using cutting pliers and other sharp tools in this workshop, so elementary aged children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you may not be able to participate in the workshop.

For Workshop Registration

Workshop registration begins on Thursday, July 18th. 

     I'm sorry, we are fully booked on August 3rd and 24th Workshop. 


開催日 2024年08月03日(土)2024年08月24日(土)
場所 エントランスホール
対象 幼児/小学生/中学生/高校生/大学・専門学生/一般
Elementary-aged children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
申し込みについて 要申し込み
参加費 有料
500 yen
主催 沖縄県立博物館・美術館 、一般財団法人 沖縄美ら島財団