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2019.12.24(Tue) ~ 2020.02.02(Sun)

This exhibition introduces four Okinawan artists: ISHIKAWA Ryuichi, IHA Linda, NEMA Satoko, MIYAGI Futoshi. They are working on their own output at every field until now. We are tracing the process of each artists pursuit towards making artworks through this exhibition.



ISHIKAWA Ryuichi(1984-)

Ishikawa continues to produce vigorous works both in Japan and abroad as a photographer, such as A Grand Polyphony and okinawan portraits that capture the harsh daily life of the people living in Okinawa and the challenges they encounter. In his latest work MITSUGU, he is working on the video works, and expanding his range of expressions. In this exhibition, MITSUGU and the home work series can be seen in Okinawa for the first time.

From ISHIKAWA Ryuichi《MITSUGU》(2019)

IHA Linda(1979-)

Photographs of the daily life of Americans living in Okinawa, such as portraits and children, show the hidden diversity of people living in Okinawa. It brings out the scenery of America, which is sandwiched between the scenery of Okinawa. In recent years, Iha has been working on different subjects and actively engaged in her work, such as covering elderly men at Nowhere.

From IHA Linda《Sleep in contradiction》(2014)

NEMA Satoko(1974- )

Nema has worked with many materials such as paintings and glass, and explored new expressions through changes of materials and the superposition of them. In recent years, she has published many works using photographs, Simulacre is a new work that asks about the characteristics of photography as a reproduction technology. On the other hand, it can be said that it explores new expressions that emerge through the superimposing of images. The artist's interest in vision, time, and memory stands out and shows further developments.

From NEMA Tomoko Photo Album “Simulacre” (2019)

MIYAGI Futoshi(1981- )

In addition to working as an artist Miyagi has been contributing novels for a literary magazine, which were compiled this year as the book Distant. His works often mix multiple media including film, photography and text telling quasi-personal tales intertwined with historical narratives. Varied viewpoints emerge from the created works. In this exhibition, his work How Many Nights is shown for the first time in Okinawa.

From MIYAGI Futoshi《How Many Nights》(2017)


Dates 2019.12.24 ~ 2020.02.02
Location Exhibition Gallery 1,Exhibition Gallery 2
Entrance fees Adults 1,200(1,000)yen / Univ. and Col. & H.S. Students 800(700)yen / J.H.S. & E. S. Students 300(250)yen
* Prices shown in ( ) indicate advanced and group (more than 20 persons) discount tickets.
* 50% discount for persons with disabilities (with presentation of the disability certificate and 50% discount one caretaker).
Hours 9:00-18:00 (Open until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays)
*Last entry 30 minutes before closing.
Closed Mondays (except Monday Jan 13, 2020), New Year's holiday and Jan 14, 2020.
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